Interview with the CEO of the Fashion Consulting Firm: Britt Bivens

As the founder of the Ace of Swords, a fashion consulting companies which focuses on the forecasting of lifestyle trends and retail strategy, Britt Bivens is also actively involved in politics. As a liberal, she decides to vote for Hillary and explains the reason behind the fashion industry’s overt support for a female president. 1

“I think in this election because it is so polarizing, we see a lot of publications coming forward and say they support Hillary,” said Britt Bivens, “A lot of these publications have been fashion publications which has been surprising to me because it goes back to the conversation of looking at what people are wearing versus what their policies are. Donald Trump has put them in a position that they really want to say I don’t want anything to do with them.”

Publications and social media are constantly talking about the messages delivered through the pantsuits she wear and how her gender-neutral style has been representing powerful women and feminine ideals.
When Britt was asked about this ongoing discussion about Hillary’s pantsuits in the three presidential debates, she strongly condemned this kind of conversations and argued it’s anti-feminism. 
Britt thinks it is a very unfair and unbalanced discussion because people rarely talk about what the male politicians are wearing and the price tags and colors of their suits and ties.

“Nobody talks about what president Obama was wearing,” said Britt, “I really detest that discussion. Hillary chooses to wear pantsuits for most of her political career. I don’t think their clothing have anything to do with how they are going to run the country. If we want to consider ourselves as feminists, we need to not join in these kind of conversations and make it about us being equal.”