New York: a city for movie lovers

By Qianyue Yang

New York City is a paradise for movie lovers. Every street could be a scene in a well-known movie. But they may not be really filmed in New York though the story is in New York.

Many great directors including Woody Allen, Ang Lee and Alfred Hitchcock have chosen this city for their movies. As a result, many tourists come to see the “new landmarks” where the movies were filmed.

East Village and Greenwich Village

“Eyes Wide Shut”, “Taxi Driver”, “Rear Window” and many other movies took place in the East Village, Greenwich Village and the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

According to Vivian. L, a 16-year-old British girl who just came to New York, “Begin Again” did entice her to see New York.

“I’m satisfied with Washington Square. The street performers in there are exactly same with the movie’s scene!” Vivian said.

For Tony Z. who is in college in Philadelphia, it seems that New York hides so many crimes and pains after he watched the famous Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster movie “Taxi Driver”. When walking along the street, he can still feel the loneliness and melancholy of the night. And the movie reflected this reality, Tony said.

“Taxi Driver”

Wall Street

As the financial core of New York, this district has contributed a lot in movies such as “Wall Street”, “Catch Me If You Can”, “Ghostbusters(1984)” and “The French Connection”.

Seventeen-year-old Alan Y. from China liked “The Wolf of Wall Street” among all New York -based movies.

“The Wolf of Wall Street”

“ I’m curious about how the Wall Street bankers work after watching it. I’d really want to solve this puzzle. So I’m here. Wall Street is exactly the same in my imagination—speedy and busy,” he said

Fifth Avenue

“Breakfast of Tiffany’s” has been discussed a lot when talking about Fifth Avenue. It molds a luxurious, vain but also innocent girl in NewYork.

As a local New Yorker, Kylie Collins can relate.

“I have met these girls so often. They chase love and money, but keep neglecting their real selves. However, New York is still kind to them anyway. They can still hug their fantasy before the window of Tiffany’s,” Kylie said.

“The Devil Wears Prada” reflects the career and life choice of fashion workers in New York City’s midtown.

“The Devil Wears Prada”

“I thought New York is glorious and pressured. There are indeed many well-dressed pedestrians. But it is more comfortable and less crazy than the movie. Thus I enjoy the reality better,” another British girl, Elizabeth, said.


Movies including “Goodfellas”, “Requiem for a Dream” and “Annie Hall” contain views of Brooklyn.

Jonah Z. is a huge Woody Allen fan from Boston. He said “Every time I head to New York, I feel it’s like a pilgrimage.” And the Brooklyn Bridge is the spot he visits frequently.

“I love here. It is the same in Allen’s movies. Like “Annie Hall”, which is an old work, but still reveals the true romantic feature of New York. The city itself is fascinating and full of uncertainty, similar to the movie,” Jonah said.

“Once Upon a Time in America” is also a favorable crime movie shot mainly in Brooklyn. Sharon W. from Brooklyn regards this movie as the best gangster movie she has seen.

“Once Upon a Time in America”

“Though it was 30 more years ago, I still appreciate the movie,” Sharon said.

“The poster’s background is Brooklyn and I have to say the movie completely displays the charm of Brooklyn,” Sharon said.

Little Italy

The multicultural environment in this immigrants’ district benefits movies such as “The Professional” and “Godfather 2.”

“The Professional” with Natalie Portman was shot in Little Italy and touched an Indonesian student’s heart. Sherise said she was attracted by those little old grocery stores in the movie.

“Leon: The Professionals”

“The movie displays another side in New York. I once thought New York belongs to the rich, pricey fur and pubs. But I realized there are people who still struggling and striving to make ends meet,” she said

Empire State Building

“Sleepless in Seattle”, “King Kong”, and many other well-known movies took place here, one of the top tourist spots in the city.

“I believe in love again because of this movie!” That was how Maggie from Korea commented on “Sleepless in Seattle” starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

“Sleepless in Seattle”

“I am still firmly convinced that destiny will take your true love in front of you in any way. That’s the only reason I come to Empire State! I like New York because everything can happen here, no coincident is weird here, even the romance in the movie,” Maggie said.

Central Park

“The Front”, “North by Northwest”, “Home Alone 2” and “Manhattan”, are among the famous movies made around Central Park.

For 40-year-old local Megan Mostel, “When Harry meets Sally” is the classic for relationships.

“When Harry met Sally”

“Every one watched this movie back to my school days. It is realistic but also sweet. When we went out for dates, Central Park was the first idea came up thanks to this movie. And we still do that now, Central Park is always good.” Megan said.

“Bride War” with Annie Hathaway was mentioned several times. Chinese student Yuxin P. said that the movie reflects a delightful side of New York.

Another most remarkable movie is “The Great Gatsby” with Leonardo DiCaprio.

“The Great Gatsby”

Mark F. from China has visited thePlaza Hotel which is located near Central park in order to experience the fancy scenes in the movie. And he said it was actually plainer than in the movie.

“But it’s sill astonishing.” He said.


Qianyue Yang is a rising senior student in No.1 middle school of Guangdong, China.