About Us

Life in the 4-0 is a special reporting project of NYU Journalism's Advanced Multimedia class for Fall 2016

Alexandra Zuccaro

Alex is an aspiring multimedia/print reporter with a passion for important stories. She wrote the print story for "A Green Haven for the Future".

Amina Srna

Amina is a digital producer for WNYC's The Brian Lehrer Show. She co-produced the documentary for "A Green Haven for the Future".

Anisa Purbasari

A former lawyer, Anisa is now a digital journalist that specializes in business and technology stories. She wrote the print story for "The Price of Change".

Christopher Crosby

Chris is a multimedia writer and journalist from Maine. For this project, he wrote and produced the story and documentary "Keeping Garifuna".

Diego Lynch

Diego is a multimedia journalist who is passionate about entertainment with substance. He co-produced the documentary "A Green Haven for the Future".

Eugene Santos

Eugene is a journalist who is serious about pursuing fashion journalism, with an inclination to reporting on business trends, style news and runway shows. He worked as this project's associate editor.

Yifeng Jiang

Jiang specializes in multimedia journalism, and hails from NYU Journalism's Studio 20 program. He is the creative web director for this project.

Jiayun Feng

Jiayun is enthusiastic about international relations and doing journalism for a global audience. She co-produced the documentary "The Price of Change".

Jordyn Rolling

Jordyn is a digital content producer for Time Inc. and AOL, with a strong focus on news and entertainment. She co-produced the documentary "Beyond 'Clean'".

Katie Schlechter

Katie is a multilingual journalist and worked as the editor-in-chief of IndyKids, a national newspaper for children. She co-produced the documentary "Beyond 'Clean'".

Kim Bode

A former business correspondent, Kim has made it her business to innovate journalism and support adapting it to the digital economy. For this project, Kim was the project manager and produced "The Bronx Ambassador" and "Keeping Garifuna".

Pimrapee Thungkasemvathana

With reporting experience from the Bangkok Post, Pim is a journalist who comes from NYU Journalism's Magazine program. She co-produced the documentary "Beyond 'Clean'".

Prianka Srinivasan

Prianka is a globally minded journalist who previously worked as a community development officer in Vanuatu. She is this project's multimedia editor and she co-produced the documentary "Beyond 'Clean'".

Taisha Henry

Taisha's passion for storytelling led her to a pursue a path in audiovisual and multimedia journalism. She co-produced the documentary "A New Bronx Tale".

Ugonma Ubani-Ebere

Ugo wants to pursue music journalism as a career, and she hopes to work someday for MTV Africa. She wrote the print story for "A New Bronx Tale".

Astrid Hacker

Astrid is passionate about telling stories and uplifting others, which is why she hopes to be an independent documentary filmmaker someday. She co-produced the documentary "A New Bronx Tale".

Jason Samuels

Jason is an award-winning multimedia producer and an associate professor at NYU Journalism. Jason lent his expertise and guidance to everyone as this project's publisher. He is currently a senior consultant for Black Entertainment Television.