What’s the Deal with Low Slung Pants?

By Ayana Herndon

Trends are constantly evolving. From bell bottoms in the ‘70’s to fanny packs in the ‘80’s, fashion is unpredictable. Why has the style of low-slung pants stayed around?

For the past five years young men between the ages of 14 to 20 years old  could be seen wearing their pants low on their hips, according to www.Glamour.com.

It ranges from boys wearing pants without a belt visibly to show  their boxers, to some boys wearing pants almost to their ankles.

Men sagging their pants.
Men sagging their pants.

For  16 year old Charles Stanley from the Bronx, sagging’ pants is merely a fashion statement.

“I wear my pants low because it’s just the style. I feel fresh, ” he said.

According to The Washington Times, “Sagging Pants May Carry A Greater Meaning.”

According to the article Leonard Jahad, New Haven’s top probation supervisor said “ The saggin trend started in prison where inmates couldn’t wear belts.”

According to the Urban Dictionary, sagging pants can also mean“A prison thing that signified that you were another prisoner’s property. “

“Outside prison wearing your pants low is just a style. It has nothing to do with homosexuality,” said 17 year old Justin Herndon from Brooklyn.

Some people continue to wear their pants low, but others don’t feel comfortable with the style.

“I’m not wearing my pants low because being a Black man there’s already a negative connotation with Black men being dangerous. I know people would feel threatened by me if my pants were low,”said Neil Crawford, 20, of the Bronx .