Summer in the City

By Tanan Choinaran

            What is the NYU Precollege Program? What does it offer?

           The NYU Precollege Summer Program offers rising high school juniors and seniors around the world the opportunity to experience academic and student life at New York University in a six-week intensive while taking college-level courses with current college students. It allows students to gain academic credit, which may be applied to a future degree.

Sounds quite challenging?

          Life is too short not to take a risk, especially if you are going to a college soon. You will need the experience since, college is very challenging and a big step for your whole life. This is a big opportunity to get that exact experience that NYU provides for high school students.

            First of all, it is all about getting comfortable where you are staying because six weeks is not a short time. If you are a residential student you will stay at NYU Founders Hall, NYU’s newest residence hall, located in the Union Square/East Village areas.

          Your day will start from a cozy, air-conditioned and room and has a very beautiful view. Founders hall provides the students with a variety of good facilities, for example a lounge room, backyard, computer room and laundry.

What is your overall approval rating of the NYU Founders Hall on a scale of 5 the best and 1 the least?

          One of the biggest advantages of studying at NYU is the food. NYU Dining services are all near Washington Square park,which provide students with good quality food. By using the meal plan as well as the Dining Dollars, which are in your NYU card, you can get a food from Dunkin’ Donuts, Kimmel Center, Starbucks, Jasper Kane Café and Weinstein Dining.

          Don’t be concerned about the food selection because there is a wide selection of food for international students: Chinese cuisine, Mongolian stir-fry and Vegan and wok and chop.

          The meal plans save a lot of money but at the same time you are able to get a good quality as well as good quantity of food.

What is your overall approval rating of the NYU Dining on a scale of 5 the best and 1 the least?


How useful do you find the meal plan? 5 very useful and 1 not useful.

          In this year’s Precollege Program, approximately 1,000 students were accepted and 417 students are in the program. Of these students, 161 are international. Students come from 32 countries around the world.

          “Due to the cultural difference students may struggle with the style of an American class where professors often discuss and do presentations,” said Kristin Balicki, a director of University Programs.

          There is a solution for this. The University Learning Center hosts various course-specific group sessions and Study Slams that were developed at the suggestion and recommendation of their Learning Assistants, based on their own experience with the courses.

          Balicki was also concerned that some international students struggle with English. The student may be very good at the English language but not strong enough for the college level English, which is why NYU has a tutoring service.

            If students feel like they are struggling withsomething during the program all Precollege students have academic advisors on campus who are available whenever there are questions about choosing courses, registering, adding or dropping courses and academic resources on campus.

          However, Program Assistants are also there for help. PAs are the most important resource during the program. As NYU students, they know everything about attending college and living in the city. They live on each floor in Founders Hall. PAs always host an event such as pizza party, cereal party and taco party on their floor.

            In the morning or afternoon if you don’t have a class you can spend your time by going to the gym or studying at the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library. Just swipe your NYU card and take advantage of NYU’s massive resources.

How often do you go to Elmer Holmes Bobst Library to study?

          “Rather than studying in my room I much prefer studying at Bobst library because I feel very comfortable but at the same time focused. There are also color printers which I always use” said Lola Newman, a current Precollege student.

          What to bring is one major question. It’s very hot in New York during the summer. Be sure to bring cool clothes. Lighter colors are better for sunny days. You will be walking everywhere. A pair of comfortable, supportive shows will see you through the day.

            Twenty-four hours in New York is nowhere near enough, especially if you attend the NYU Precollege Program. You have to use your time wisely. During the program there are countless NYC-based social activities happening. Each Wednesday students receive an email outlining the events for an upcoming week. These events and activities are more than exciting. This is an opportunity for the students to become friends and socialize more than just studying during the whole time. The students here are very friendly and always help each other on anything. Even if you don’t have any friends and came alone you get alongwith your dorm or class friends.

            Precollege is college but there are still some important rules students must follow.

          The curfew. All students who are living in the Founders Hall must hand in their NYU ID card at the resource center before 11pm Sunday-Thursday and 12am Friday-Saturday. So, don’t worry, parents.

        After the long day when I go into my room my always feel like I am home and get excited about tomorrow. Each day I learn something new and meet new people.

 Tanan Choinaran completed high school at English School of Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.