For Aspiring Food Cart Vendors


by Rakeeb Alam

Food carts have been a central part of New York City’s food and cultural scene, catering to the clientele that prefer to speed down the sidewalk rather than sit down for a meal.

It’s also become a creative way for enterprising cooks to break into the food scene.

To become a food cart vendor, there are quite a few steps to take. For one, you have to take a food sanitation class from the city to be eligible for a permit application.

Immediately afterwards, you will then be placed on a lengthy waitlist for a permit, with an additional cost of $200 for the permit.

Even with that permit, picking out a proper spot to set up shop can be difficult with other carts to avoid, and the need to steer clear of entrances and private property.

There are weekly inspections and cleanings at specified garages, although the frequency is at the discretion of the vendor.